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Abigail 18

Abigail 18

Abigail's vital statistics:

  • Age: 18
  • Color: Yellow and Pink
  • Food: Italian. I love pasta!
  • Movie: Autumn in New York
  • Music: pop and dance
  • Style: casual jeans or mini skirt
  • Sex position: "old fashioned" way
  • Hobbies: Tennis , photography
  • Turn Ons: Romantic guys
  • Turn Offs: bad smell men who think guys who have the "you owe me something" attitude

Abigail about herself:Hey everyone! My name is Abigail and I've just turned 18. This is my first time on the web and I'm very excited..I've never done anything like this before I am still a little bit shy, but I'm trying to overcome it :) I enjoy to pose and my photographer so always making me laugh a lot during the shoots. I've just graduated from high school and probably going to college, when I decide what I want to learn :) I hope you will enjoy my site, Hugs...

Abigail's Personal Site:Two or more updates each week. Exclusive high quality pictures. Full screen High Definition movies!

Visit her personal web site!

Abigail 18 Free Galleries

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